We offer NHS registration to all of our patients- adults and children- and NHS dental check-ups are now free of charge. On your first visit you will be asked to sign a form, which will allow you to be registered as an NHS patient (parents must sign for under-16s). Should you prefer Private/cosmetic treatments, please note that these are also available to all of our patients.

At your initial examination we will listen to your concerns and discuss the treatment required to achieve a healthy mouth, and you may be given options regarding improving the appearance of your teeth. You will be given an estimate for the treatment options provided, and given advice regarding free or reduced cost treatments which are available to certain groups.

The registration entitles you to the amazing value of NHS dental treatment, but also allows you the choice of Private treatment should you prefer it. Registration will continue indefinitely, but may be cancelled at the discretion of the dentist- this would never be done without careful consideration- for example in the case repeatedly poor attendance or failure to settle an account.

Monday 9-7pm
Tuesday 9-6pm
Wednesday 9-6pm
Thursday 9-6pm
Friday 9-4:30pm


We are happy to accept payment by cash, debit/credit card or cheque(with the exception of American Express).

Patients are asked to pay for each treatment on the day it is carried out.

For treatments which involve laboratory work, such as crowns or dentures, payment is requested before fitting.

Please let us know when you make your appointment if you have any additional support needs. We will do everything we can to make your visit easier.


Our new premises are fully accessible to wheelchair users and people who find walking long distances difficult- there is a car park for blue badge holders in the basement of The Buchanan Centre and a lift is available to access our first floor clinic; our dental surgeries in the practice are also fully accessible to wheelchair and mobility scooter-users.

Audio Induction Loop

We have an Audio Induction Loop installed to assist people with a hearing impairment.

Home visits

A limited number of treatments are also available at home- please let us know if you, or a relative, are unable to attend the practice, and we will make the necessary arrangements for either home or hospital-based care.


Buchanan Dental Care processes personal identifiable information that relates to patients and is therefore required by law to comply with the General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR) (Regulation (EU) 2016/679), which protect your privacy and ensure that your personal information is processed fairly and lawfully.
The Practice owner is James Barrett Tel: 01236 423862
Our Data Protection Officer is Janice Channing Tel: 01236 423862

Our Commitment to Patients

Buchanan Dental Care is committed to ensuring that it complies with GDPR and applies ethical principles to all aspects of its work to protect the interests of patients and maintain the confidentiality and security of any personal information held in any form by the practice.

Why Does the Practice Hold Personal Information About Me?

We keep information about you to:
• ensure the dental team can contact you easily;
• provide you with the best possible dental care;
• provide care for you under the NHS and enable administration of the NHS.
Our legal basis for holding this information is that the data processing is necessary for the provision of treatment by a registered dental professional.

How does the Practice Collect Personal Information?

We collect personal information either directly from you or are provided with it by third parties, such as other dental or medical providers. It is important that the personal information we hold about you is accurate and current. Please keep us informed of any changes to your personal information.

What Personal Information is Kept?

Personal information includes facts (e.g. treatment you have had) and opinions (e.g. any concerns you or your dentist might have about your dental health). To provide the best possible care for you, accurate and comprehensive personal information is required. The following records are kept and updated regularly:
• personal information and contact details, including your name, address and date of birth;
• dental, social and medical histories (e.g. past or current medical conditions, current medication, the name of your GP);
• results of the examination of your mouth and oral health, including x-rays and clinical photographs;
• information about appointments;
• any treatments and their costs;
• any proposed care, including advice we give to you and referrals you might need;
• any concerns you or your dental team might have;
• details of your consent for specific procedures;
• correspondence with other healthcare workers that relates to your care.

How is My Personal Information Processed?

Processing of Personal Information
To provide you with appropriate care, we process your personal data for the following purposes:

Your care – we keep patient records to allow us to provide appropriate dental treatment and care;
Practice Administration – we will use your contact information to let you know when your next appointment is due and we will also send reminders about any appointments that you have booked.

Sharing Relevant Information
To provide you with appropriate care, we might need to share your personal data with:
• another dentist or health professional who is caring for you;
• your GP;
• Specialists;
• a laboratory;
• NHS payment authorities;
• the Inland Revenue;
• the Benefits Agency, if you are claiming exemption or remission from NHS charges;
• a private dental scheme, if you are a member.

In these cases, only the minimum information required will be shared. Rarely, the law requires us to pass on information to prevent serious crime or injury. Where possible, we will inform you of requests to share personal information.

Storage and Retention of Personal Information

We keep patient records for adult patients for a minimum of 11 years and for child patients for either 11 years or until the child is 25 years of age, whichever is longer.
We will not keep records for longer than necessary and after they are no longer required, records will be shredded.
Personal information is stored on a secure password-protected practice computer system and a lockable manual filing system; only authorised practice staff have access to these systems. Back-ups of these data are made daily and saved remotely on a cloud.
You have the right to request information to be rectified, erased or restricted.

Your Right to Access Personal Information

You have the right, under GDPR, to request a copy of the information held on you by our Practice. If you would like to make a request, please ask at reception or send your request in writing to Buchanan Dental Care at the address below:

Buchanan Centre
126 Main Street
Or via email to : buchanandentalcare@hotmail.co.uk

We do not charge a fee for this information, unless we deem the request to be excessive, will respond to your request within one month of its receipt. If we refuse your request, we will tell you reasons for this. You have the right to appeal to the Information Commissioner’s Office in this situation (see below for contact details).
You have the right to request correction of your information where there is an inaccuracy, request that we erase your information, object to the processing of your information or ask for the processing to be restricted. You also have the right to request the transfer of your personal information to another party, such as another dental practice. If you have concerns about the way we handle your personal information, you have the right to complain to the Information Commissioner’s Office (see below for contact details).
If you have a query or would like more information, please contact our receptionist on 01236 423862 or write to the Practice Manager Janice Channing, at the address above.

Information Commissioner’s Office
Wycliffe House
Water Lane
Cheshire SK9 5AF
Tel.: 0303 123 1113
Email: mail@ico.gsi.gov.uk
Website: www.ico.gov.uk